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George Lucas a Thug Life.

The creator of the Star Wars universe George Lucas may be an idol to many but underneath that fury exterior is a thug, of the funniest kind of course. A very brief glimpse of the thug life in action was captured during the Force Awakens world premiere, on the red carpet of all places. After a quick chat with reporters Lucas is approached by Jurassic World producer Frank Marshall who insists on reminding Lucas that Jurassic is Number One! Pertaining to the fact that his movie is (at the time) holder of the opening weekend record. A comment that just happens to set Lucas up for the ultimate thug life response.

With the Star Wars universe expanded by 2 hours and 16 minutes and with the opening weekend box office record reset to $528 million we must now face the fact that our next George Lucas thug moment may be a while away sadly. So for now sit back relax and hit the play button to see the hard man of sci-fi in action.

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