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AppBlaster Universal, The Ultimate Alien Blasting Augmented Reality Toy…

It’s alien blasting time once more. AppToyz have released an update to their ingenious augmented reality toy, introducing the AppBlaster Universal. For those times when aliens are climbing the walls and popping out from behind curtains we have our trusty AppBlaster by our side.

The original AppBlaster was an Apple only accessory, the new Universal AppBlaster will accept command of both Apple and Android devices for our Alien chasing enjoyments.

With all gameplay taking place on your smartphone the AppBlaster is a purely a mechanical device, the triggers are connected to two tappers that tap the screen with specially conductive pads.

The key to the AppBlaster system is the AppBlaster games which are installed on the phone prior to play. With all of the phones hi-tech sensors available to the each of the AppBlaster games a fully interactive augmented reality experience is generated. In the AlienBlaster games case the phones camera is used capture the surrounding environment which is used as the backdrop for the game. Aliens are superimposed over the captured backdrop, making the smartphone your window to the true alien hordes around us all. The phones gyros used to keep the illusion alive, keeping the aliens, backdrop and everything in-between synchronized.

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