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Colin Furze and his Apocalypse Bunker, Man Cave Madness.

That mechanical maniac Colin Furze has recently completed his most ambitious project yet, a backyard apocalypse bunker that will withstand everything from a nuclear attack to zombie invasion. As with all Furze madness it isn’t enough to build any ordinary bunker, no all Furze projects have to turn it up to 11 and see what happens. In this case Colin has managed to build one hell of a bunker then turned it up to 11 by converting the bunker into one spectacular man cave. With tons of steel and yards of cement carefully arranged and poured the Furze Bunker isn’t mucking around either, this is an Abrams Tank built 3 meters underground.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the making of video (short version) for the underground bunker generating man cave jealousy around the world. Kudos to Colin for maintaining the madness. Sit back relax and prepare to be surprised by how cool a hole in the ground can be.

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