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UFO Landings Captured on Video…

While there are a multitude of videos capturing UFO’s in flight it is a different story for UFO’s landing. This week a single frame of security video capturing this rare event was released to a hungry world. A video containing one of the most convincing images to date, an image of a UFO at rest.

Of the landing videos released recently few have caused as much controversy as the UFO landing shot from a highway in New Mexico. While it is believed by many to be a hoax the video itself is very convincing. Is it too good to be true?

Presented for your viewing pleasure are two videos for your inspection, videos that may cause you to question, are they already here and taking up our parking spaces?

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Alien Abduction caught on Security Video, Disappearing in a Flash!!!

Alien Abduction, a controversial subject that is making headlines once more. Setting the YouTube servers spinning is a video that will remove any doubts you may have. A video that seems to have captured the best evidence yet of an abduction occurring. Delivered to Zone Reality TV in a manilla mail envelope by an anonymous source this may be the most substantial evidence for alien abduction ever made public.

The footage is presented in the standard security camera split screen, four cameras on screen at once. In the top right hand camera a security guard can be seen pushing out of the security gates, leaving for the night. The second he is clear of the gates a bright flash occurs, simultaneously a power surge interferes with the cameras and lighting. As the power returns to normal the picture also returns, the security guard is nowhere to be seen!

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