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A 100 MPH Apple to the Face, Awesomely Funny.

With the latest Internet trend seeing kids set themselves on fire for fun here at Highpants we would like to remind the pranksters amongst us what happens when pranks go wrong, just what pain really looks like.

Taking a piece of high speed fruit to the face may not sound like the most extreme challenge but the results speak for themselves. Any object, no matter how soft and squishy, travelling at 100 mph is dangerous especially if it hits you right on the bridge of your nose, one of the most sensitive parts of your head. Your eyes will water in sympathy.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is one of the funniest dare videos to hit the net, it may be a bit old but it set the standard for dares that turned out far funnier than anyone could have expected. The sad truth to keep in mind though is that between peer group pressure and trying to impress a hot chick us mere males don’t really stand a chance. Sit back relax and prepare laugh at another person discomfort, schadenfreude in action.

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