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Atlas Does Robotic Back-flips…

Boston Dynamics have been beavering away feverishly in their labs to produce their very own Terminator replicant, and they have definitely made progress over the last year. Atlas is the designated title for this mechanised humanoid and in the last month they have taught this autonotom to do back-flips. Soon their terminator will be taking over the world with its impressive gymnastic skills.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is Atlas leaping, jumping and performing a back flip. Here at Highpants we just love his little ‘arms in the air’ celebratory gesture. Sit back relax and prepare to be amazed, and a little creeped out, by the future of robotics.

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The Soup Robot, The Queen of Crappy Robots Strikes Again.

The queen of crappy robots Simone Giertz has been hard at work tinkering in her girl shed once again, working slavishly away on a new robotic creation designed to make her life easier. This time around Simone has put her genius to work creating a robot that will feed a bowl of soup to her without her needing to lift a finger, until she has to clean up in any case.

Simone’s YouTube channel ‘Simone’s Robots’ is full to the brim of interesting robots that may or may not fulfil their intended purpose. What they do demonstrate is a level of genius that puts Simone  smack in the middle of the mad scientist category, while evil genius may still be out of reach she is developing a well worn reputation for hilariously mad contraptions.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the latest creation of our favorite mad scientist, the Soup Robot. A robot that may just be the unfortunate love child of her Beer Robot and the Breakfast Machine, while only being just slightly less dangerous than both. Sit back relax and prepare to marvel at the wonder of this latest creation, for those in the front row be sure to adorn your raincoat, this one gets a little messy.

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Slinky Kung Fu versus Tai Chi Roboto…

Martial arts crazy China has found a way to involve their favourite forms of physical activity into almost all aspects of life, it permeates their entire culture. While we in the west were letting slinkies simply stroll down the stairs they were applying the laws of Kung Fu to the magnificently colourful coils of plastic. Robotics is no exception either, the very moment they imbued these metal mechanical machines with intelligence they set out to teach them the art of moving without moving, it’s only natural it seems.

Today for your consideration are two videos that demonstrate just how far the Chinese will go to improve the world through martial arts, Slinky Kung Fu and Tai Chi Roboto. Which is the superior style of martial art and which would win in a street fight? We’ll let you decide which is the superior discipline. Here at Highpants we have a sneaking suspicion the slinky would win through sheer confusion and entanglement. So, sit back relax and let the martial arts displays begin.

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Eagle Prime: America’s Giant Fighting Robot…

Giant robots have been the mainstay of anime and manga for decades but the transition from science-fiction cartoon to reality has been far quicker than expected. Helped along by advances in robotics this transition is now happening before our very eyes.

American giant robotic company MegaBots has this week released a video featuring their latest generation megabot Eagle Prime and it looks ready to do battle with Japan’s Suidobashi Heavy Industries robot KURATAS.

This battle may already be over a year behind schedule but definite progress can be seen in the Prime Eagle. Faster and more nimble than the previous generation MegaBot the fight between the these giant robots is drawing near. Sit back relax and prepare for a demonstration of the enormous kind.

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Cozmo, the Pixar Character Come to Life.

Anki is a company at the leading edge of artificial intelligence who just happen to make toys, incredible toys. Cozmo is their latest creation and he’s a self-aware artificially intelligent robot, a tiny robotic bulldozer to be precise.

Equipped with a front facing camera Coz scans his surroundings, recognizing faces and interacts with the people he meets. His friendly LCD face is dominated by a pair of large charismatic eyes, eyes capable of portraying emotion. He even snores when he’s asleep on the charger.

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Liam the iPhone Destroyer.

No matter what you say about Apple they known their target audience. Take Liam for example, a robot built solely to destroy iPhone’s, disassembling them piece by piece. An incredible technical achievement in his own right but in the hands of Apple he is far more than a recycling robot, he is a warm and fuzzy feeling. Not that there is anything wrong with that as long as you remember its just a commercial.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is Mr Roboto  aka Liam the iPhone Destroyer, making us all feel better about our disposable world. Also Included, just for laughs, is the insatiable Cookie Monster Timer commercial, some of Apples best work. Sit back relax and prepare to be disassembled and reassembled in the funniest way possible.

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Lets Pull Together, uTug Micro Bots Moving Cars.

Stanford U boffins have been working on their uTug micro robots for a few years now, and damn it if the little fellas don’t continue to surprise. Using nothing more than synthetic gecko pads and tiny yet powerful winches these micro robots can drag 1000’s of times their own weight. Now they have learned to work together and it turns out it only takes six of them to move a full sized car across a polished concrete floor. We suspect Guinness may get involved soon.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the little robots that could. The 6 bots with a combined weight of just over 100 grams that could soon be moving a car near you. Sit back relax and prepare to be amazed by a sticky footed robot.

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Stop the Robot Abuse, Leave Atlas Alone He Just Loves His Box.

Boston Dynamics may one day change their name to SkyNet but for now they are happy to kill time by abusing robots. Being a robot bully is specialised set of skills, skills that Boston Dynamics have been fine tuning on every generation of robot they have developed. Whether its kicking their robot dog or teasing Atlas about his box obsession Boston Dynamics will do what it takes to make the perfect artificially intelligent and highly insecure robot.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are some of the funniest parodies of being a robot bully, an obsession that seems to have over taken the Boston Dynamics test engineers. Are Boston Dynamics conspiring to generate a robot revolution or are they just very enthusiastic about how they test their technology? Will robots in Soviet Russia begin testing people soon?

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