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Corsair 8GB Vengeance: 32GB Is Never Enough!

Technology advances in many directions, memory for example increases in both speed and capacity.

Corsair, the manufacturer of high performance computer parts and gaming goodness have upped the ante one more time. Throwing down the gauntlet to fellow memory manufacturers with the release of their high-speed 8GB Vengeance DDR3 RAM.

Worlds may well be colliding with the introduction of the new Vengeance modules with Workstations using professionals and Über Gamers both competing to buy the new Corsair sticks of RAM. With the capacity of normally slow Server and Workstation RAM but with the high speed performance of gaming memory the Vengeance will be in high demand. Stack four of these octo monsters in your gaming rig for an astounding 32GB of system memory that will let you take on any task. Edit that new 4k hi-def film while playing the latest first person shooter and rendering Toy Story 4 in the background.

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How2: Upgrading Your Computers Memory…

Memory magic brings machines back from the brink

Does the term chugging along ring true when describing your computer? Do you need to squeeze a bit more life out of your old beast, maybe consider upgrading the memory in your computer. Upgrading a computers memory is the easiest upgrade off all. Computer RAM is sort of like your brains short term memory, when your brain is adding numbers together, listening to people talk it is all going on in you short term memory. Computer memory is the same, it’s a computers working space, it’s the computers scratch pad to keep track of whats going on. Just like an alcoholic with no short term memory a computer without enough memory wont be at it’s best, the computer wont be able to do many things at once, things will be a little slow to get going, and things will stumble and fall every now and then, just like an alcoholic.

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