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The General Atomics Blitzer Railgun, Ka BOOM!

General Atomics (GA) have blasted their way into the headlines again with a video of the latest test firing of their Blitzer Railgun.

The Blitzer is being developed as a multi-role weapons system that can be mounted on a truck, ship or even an aircraft.  With talents including integrated air and missile defense, surface fire support and anti-surface warfare GA may be right, Blitzer is the weapon system for every occasion.

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The Homemade Railgun, Awesome…

Electromagnetic railguns may be the military weapon of the future when it comes to firing large projectiles over very long distances but the technology itself is actually very scalable. BAE and rival General Atomics have even been demonstrating truck based railguns with immense destructive power, scaled down from their ship based weapons that are in testing at the moment.

The technology can even be scaled down further to hand held sized weapons, some of most interesting examples of which just happen to be homemade railguns, all of the danger without the gunpowder.

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BAE’s EM Railgun goes to Sea, Test Firing at Mach 7.5…

The invisible forces of electromagnetic power are slowly being tamed by the US Navy. In the labs for nearly a century the Electromagnetic Railgun is nearing completion and preparing to head to sea.

BAE is expecting to begin testing their latest high power EM Railgun aboard the US Navy’s JHSV class of battleship by 2016, just two years away. A test that will mark the first time an EM Railgun has been fired at sea. The technology isn’t due to go into service till after 2020 but the tactical EM Railgun is drawing near.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the videos that demonstrate the destructive force of a projectile traveling at incredible speed. Sit back, relax and please select your target carefully.

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