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China Steals the March on Rail Gun Technology…

Rail guns are the next generation of military weapon that promise to fire further and faster with zero gunpowder. Using electricity alone these cutting-edge weapons can fire a 17 pound projectile at Mach 7 to strike targets hundreds of miles away. Allowing them to sink battleships, shoot down aircraft and missiles while being virtually unstoppable.

Until recently the US Navy was the only game in town when it came to Rail Gun technology but this weekend pictures emerged of a Chinese naval vessel with what appears to be a kick ass rail gun mounted on the bow. With one picture leaked to the internet the Chinese government has signified that they are a military force not to be trifled with. Has the Chinese navy now stolen the technological lead from the US?

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The General Atomics Blitzer Railgun, Ka BOOM!

General Atomics (GA) have blasted their way into the headlines again with a video of the latest test firing of their Blitzer Railgun.

The Blitzer is being developed as a multi-role weapons system that can be mounted on a truck, ship or even an aircraft.  With talents including integrated air and missile defense, surface fire support and anti-surface warfare GA may be right, Blitzer is the weapon system for every occasion.

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Out of the High Tech Man-Shed comes the Homemade Rail Gun and the Homemade Plasma Rifle.

Many a great idea has moved from concept to working prototype under the roof of a modern man shed, a fortress of solitude for many. Two very good examples of the creativity that takes place in the shed have recently been demonstrated to the world. Two variations on the always impressive electromagnetic rail gun.

Ziggy Zee and his band of electromagnetic enthusiasts are fist up with their rail gun powered by a series of 9 volt batteries. Don’t underestimate the power of the Duracell however, the heavy weight gun fires chunks of aluminium with 27,000 joules of power. Still not up with BAE’s rail gun that fires with 33 mega-joules of power but it is enough to wreak havoc on pumpkins and mobile phones. Certainly enough power to make you want to stand clear when firing.

Next up Alex Smyth and friends assembled something a little bit different, a rail gun that fires plasma bullets. Instead of using a slug of lifeless aluminium as the projectile the Alex rifle uses a coper sleeve with a capsule of Zeon gas inside. As the Zeon capsule passes through the rail gun it becomes excited and turns into a plasma gas able to piece steel plate. An altogether impressive piece of home-made kit.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the spectacular test firings of two new home-made rail guns. Demonstration videos that highlight the power of a good man shed and some electricity. Sit back relax and prepare to be impressed by the magical power of magnets.

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