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Gran Turismo Sport Fast Approaches…

Lovers of Turismo it is time to prepare for the marathon gaming session to end all marathon gaming sessions. Clear the couch, stock up on supplies and get that comfortable driving position ready for the long wait will soon be over.

The world cheered with excited relief this week when Kazunori Yamauchi (Polyphony Digital CEO and GT ‘s creator) announced GT Sport will be released on the 17th of October in the US, and the 18th everywhere else. With 17 tracks / 28 variants, 150 cars and integrated eSport racing leagues to revel in we might have to start the preparations now.

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The Future of Gaming is Now: The Sony PlayStation 4 Pro + LG 4K OLED!

Nowhere does the relentless march of technology move so fast as the action packed world of gaming. The current leading edge of gaming is a double edged sword; one edge of the blade is the new PS4 Pro while the other is the incredible LG 55B6T OLED TV. With the release of the PS4 Pro and recent price drop of the LG B6T OLEDs this is a technology combination that is now accessible to many.

The 4K PS4 Pro is providing compelling content for all of those starved next generation TV’s out there and with it Sony may have stolen the gaming lead, even against the mighty PC gaming rig. The PC 4k gaming market is still a mess and Microsoft are months away from their 4k Xbone so for now it’s all PS4 Pro. It is hands down the best gaming experience in town. A big statement that I back up with one simple fact, the PS4 Pro is delivering the goods now.

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