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PlanetSide 2 Play4Free on A Massive Scale…

Sony Online Entertainment is planning to do battle on a monumental scale, preparing to let PlanetSide 2 loose on the world.

This latest Play4Free gem takes multi-player first person shooters to the extreme. With thousands of players involved in a single game battles are fought on a Ben Hur scale. The sequel to the ground breaking PlanetSide, the original massively multi-player first person shooter – FPS -.

Set once again on the planet Auraxis 3 factions must fight for territory and the control it brings. The three empires vying for control include the stern military empire of the Terran Republic, the loosely organised rebels of the New Conglomerate and the technology obsessed Vanu Sovereignty.

Sony will also be introducing new worlds in the future, keeping the battles fresh. The first planet Auraxis, the home planet, will be broken up into territories and sectors. Each sector is up for capture and control. Each sector also has resources available, Auraxium for example. Managing the resources and targeting sectors for invasion for their resources will be an essential part of the evolving game. As in the physical world the control of resources form the basis for many of the greatest battles, this is being emulated within the PlanetSide 2 world.

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