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Mini Gaming Marvels: The Latest Compact Gaming PC Options…

There has often been an important compromise to consider when deciding on your next gaming rig. Do you settle for a large power-hungry box with extreme performance or sacrifice performance for a more compact gaming rig? While the first option is the often-selected solution there are situations that make the second option desirable for many. Those of us with small apartments and little space, or the requirement for a portable system, and then there are the power conscious amongst us. For many a better balance is an interesting proposition and in recent months these options have become quite interesting.

Headlining these options this month Zotac released the ZBox Magnus EN1080K ultra compact cube, while Intel has had tongues wagging around the internet with the release of their Hades Canyon BUC8i7HVK, both of which are extremely compact and surprisingly powerful gaming rigs. Both extremely enticing options but can they beat building your own mini gaming rig?

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The AMD Ryzen Desktop CPU: Has AMD Got Game?

Masters of silicon AMD are attempting to rise from the ashes of the disaster that was the Bulldozer, and their phoenix is named Ryzen. This week AMD begun to formally introduce the world to their brand new Ryzen phoenix CPU, the first product to use the new Zen core design (code named Summit Ridge). A new CPU that will see the return of the CPU wars if AMD’s performance claims live up to expectation. Can Ryzen really compete with the mighty i7-6900K? A CPU that retails for $1100!

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The Xbox One Controller is now the Ultimate PC Game Controller…

Microsoft’s Major Nelson aka Larry Hyrb let slip this week that the Xbox One’s excellent controller is now fully Windows compatible. The drivers to make the magic possible will be included in a future update, those eager to try can download the drivers now from Major Nelson’s blog.

Once connected to a PC the Xbox One controller will work with any game that supports Xbox 360 controller. The new controller is far more sophisticated than the 360’s, with integrated software within the controller. Many hard core gamers are calling it a handful of incredible, they like it THAT much.

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Ultima Forever Free2Play, The Return To Britannia…

In a time when role playing games were solely the territory of teenagers dressed in fantasy costumes rolling dice on their custom made game board, the 80’s, one video game changed the world, Ultima. The first video game to bring together all of the best aspects of the role playing game tradition, rolling them into electronic form.

Electronic Arts and BioWare have teamed up to bring back that legend, giving rise to Ultima Forever. The modern day free2play interpretation of Origin Software’s ‘Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar’.

Initially to be released on PC and iPad the game will be fully cross platform and multi-player, allowing PC and iPad players to mingle. The public beta is currently available on Ultima Forever’s homepage, you will need to have an EA Origins account handy to complete the sign up.

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iSYS Xi3 Chromium Chrome: First Chrome OS Lifesized Modular Desktop

ChromiumPC the shiniest of shines and the name of the first ever Google Chrome OS based desktop computer. iSYS Technologies and Xi3 Corporation have teamed up to release a flexible and impressively hip looking compact computer. Using a very clever modular design Xi3 have managed to fit an impressive amount of computing power into this coke can sized computer. Then just to make it catch your eye they made it out of Billet Aluminium and Chrome.

More than just a PC the Chromium represents a new PC architecture as well as a new software architecture in Chrome OS. This is a small shiny PC with a leading edge punch. Using a modular design the PC’s internals are spit into three daughter boards that are upgradable. The layout of the modules helps with keeping temps down inside. It sounds logical but the smaller internal space in a computers case the easier it is to keep cool, small spaces collect heat very fast. The three modules that make up Chromium are the Processor Module, the Primary I/O Module and Secondary I/O Module. Each of the modules are upgradeable as new technology is released.

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