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Strangely Satisfying, 100 Metronomes Automatically Synchronizing…

It is a well-known scientific fact that metronomes started in a pack (randomly) will over time automatically synchronizing themselves till they are in lock step.

A small team of scientists from Saitama University have documented this most unusual effect and it’s strangely satisfying. By far the largest successful demonstration of the effect the team assembled 100 identical metronomes on a swinging platform then set them ticking away randomly. If you feel like driving a few people crazy and having a go it works best if the metronomes are all the same model, they are set to the same frequency and a little sway in the table or surface speeds things up.

On a side note the scientists may have discovered the most annoying sound in the world, the only sound more annoying than a child’s wailing. Although we are still to test if it can successfully cover the high pitched scream of a tantrum in full swing we are hopeful.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the video’s that will echo throughout offices around the world, and be quickly followed by screams of ‘what the f@?! is that noise!’ Sit back relax and keep your eyes on the pendulum, you are feeling sleepy.

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