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LG First To Release A Bendable E-Ink Display…

LG is looking to stay ahead of the technological curve for displays, recently announcing the availability next month, April, of their flexible e-ink display. Able to be bent up to 40 degrees, from the centre, the new display is also thinner and much lighter than previous glass based displays.

Making use of a flexible plastic substrate LG’s new display is 0.77mm thin and weighs only 14 grams. Described as an electronic paper display – EPD – this is one tough display. Able to with-stand a drop from 1.5 meters, scratch resistant and of course bendable.

The display itself measures 6-inches diagonally and squeezes in 1024 x 768 pixels, giving ample space for reading. LG is producing the display to be included in e-book readers made by other manufacturers, it’s pure OEM hardware. No official manufacturing partners have been announced as of yet.

LG’s EPD technology is based on E-Ink corporations electronic paper display. With no back light requirements and only requiring power to change the display this is still the number one low power display technology.

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