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Fire in a Bottle, Nitromethane Filmed in Slow Motion.

Fire is one of nature’s most spectacular chemical reactions, a reaction that demonstrates one of the ways that matter can be converted to energy. Containing this reaction within a glass bottle and filming it in slow motion allows this fascinating process to become plainly visible, and it just looks stunning. Humanity has maintained a fascination with fire since we learned to control its properties as cavemen, turning it into a tool that has changed who we are, and created an obsession for many.

The purveyors of slow motion over at Warped Perception share this fascination for fire in their latest video ‘Nitromethane Jet Bottle’, perfectly capturing this hypnotic reaction. As always WP aren’t happy to simply fire off everyday alcohol in a little bottle, no they crank things up to 11 with a massive glass jug and a healthy dose of nitromethane, and it is spectacular. Site back relax and prepare to enjoy a pyromaniac with a slow motion camera capturing the almost alive chemical reaction that is fire.

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