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Mainstream News is a Centrally Scripted Entertainment Service. If You Don’t Believe Watch This!

We all know in the back of our minds that the News we watch on TV has become a highly processed and packaged service like a video version of fast food.  Today it more closely resembles entertainment rather than an unbiased information service? Is it a bad thing that six large multinational companies own all of the News and Media companies around the world?

YouTuber and collector of interesting videos Gabbee has compiled many of examples of this disturbing state of affairs. Evidence that many news stories are indeed fed from a central source to the news rooms around the world and onto our eyes. While this is an interestingly funny video, think awkward laughter, it may be symptomatic of something far more disturbing.

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The Simpsons 500th Episode, 500 Episodes of Hilarity…

Our favorite four fingered family, The Simpsons, have reached another milestone. On Sunday the 19th The Simpsons aired their 500th episode, “Long Last Leave”, Episode 14 of Series 23 to be precise. Since first airing December 17, 1989 the Simpsons have gone on to become an an institution of hilarity. Springfield’s all over America have never been the same.

Executive Producer James L. Brooks said “I think it’s the flexibility of these characters. They can do any kind of comedy anyone ever thought of, from farce to reality. For a long time, we didn’t want to deal with the fact we could do anything we wanted. There were no sets, no past, no future. The first group of years was spent not taking advantage of any of that. Then we started letting it in.”

Opening with the ultimate montage of the funniest moments, the intro to the show lets you know, this is the 500th Episode. Also reminding us just how long the Simpsons have been a part of our lives. This was after-all one of the first cartoons to appeal to all age groups and demographics.

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UAV Predator Virus: When Drones Go Rogue…

The world of espionage is full of twists and turns, plays and counter plays. In the latest twist, it was recently discovered that America’s most powerful surveillance tech gadgets, the Predator and Reaper UAVs – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – have been infected by a keylogger virus. Discovered by the military’s Host-Based Security System the virus has made itself at home in the controller cockpits located at Creech Air Force Base at Indian Springs in Nevada. Most of the Afghanistan and Iraq are missions flown from Creech.

A defence official confirmed to CNN on Monday that the virus had infected the systems that control the drones but it hadn’t interfered with normal operations. Officials would not comment on the specific virus or how the virus had infected the systems.

The most likely source of infection seems to be the removable drives used to transfer data to and from the drones. The drones are in a sense debriefed upon their return, with all of the data collected during the mission unloaded to the removable drives. At some point the removable drives have been connected to the control systems, delivering it’s dangerous cargo. A persistent virus it is too, after each attempt at the cleaning process the virus seems to re-appear, even after 3 weeks the virus is still loitering away in the control system.

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