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Übercool is something we have embraced, more than the word though, we love the thought of an item being so far above average one forgets what average was

Frozen Smoke to Supercharge Batteries…

Aerogel. Our favourite almost there material

AeroGel – Frozen Smoke, so called as it has a transparent smokey look – has added another use to its growing list of can do’s. Scientists at the University of Southern Florida are working to develop batteries using the material. There is something impossible about this strange material, something very cool.

So what makes AeroGel so great? Firstly it’s 99.98% air but still manages to be a solid, there is literally nothing too it. It has the texture of polystyrene when you hold it but it looks fairy floss. It is a great insulator of both heat and electricity. Currently it holds 15 Guinness World Records for various properties, worlds lightest solid, worlds lowest density solid, worlds highest insulation value. It is an extreme material, it doesn’t do that many things but what it does do is always a world record.

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