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Primitive Technology: Making a Natural Draft Furnace.

If you find yourself in a post-apocalyptic world there is one man you want in your new village, John Plant of the Primitive Technology website. Via his Primitive Technology site John has assembled a multitude of incredible videos that can teach you how to survive and thrive in a world where your two hands are the only technology you have to rely on.

Shot in far North Queensland the videos document projects ranging from a primitive hut that includes a ceramic tiled roof and the blast furnace you will need to make the tiles. Other fascinating projects include a water powered hammer and fresh water prawn traps. Everything is made using materials available in the bush and provides a fascinating look back at how humanity once thrived in the rain-forests of the world. If you thought living without your mobile phone for a day was a challenging experience try living in the jungle Primitive Technology style.

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The Loneliest Planets…

Scientists have recently confirmed the existence of large number of free-floating planets, planets not part of any particular solar system. These are the Loneliest Planets of all.

Destined to roam the universe bumping along with no particular destination in mind and no traveling companions. Traditionally scientific belief has held that most planets orbited the sun they were formed around. A study has recently revealed – published in the scientific journal Nature – the possibility of 400 billion free-floating planets in the Milky Way.

This raises many questions, how were these planets formed and can we explain all of these planets with current theory. What happens to planets in their life time ? This is one of those interesting new discoveries that makes us reconsider what we take for granted. “This is an amazing result, and if it’s right, the implications for planet formation are profound,” says astronomer Debra Fischer at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.

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