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Auto Show Models banned for being Too Hot, or was it the Dancing?…

The Auto Shanghai Model controversy may just be getting underway but here at SickLittleMonkey we believe one important piece of evidence has been overlooked. Evidence that suggests it was the dancing and not the raciness of the models that caused the ban.

As a little background the organisers of Auto Shanghai 2015 announced earlier this year that they would replace racy models with sales representatives and car cleaners for the Auto Shanghai show that finished last week. Not happy about the decision the models who would have been working at the show decided to protest by dressing up as beggars; torn dresses, fake dirt and cardboard signs. Unsuspecting passers-by must have wondered why the beggars look like models around here.

The reasoning for the ban is a hot topic for discussion but one piece of evidence needs to be studied before the subject is broached. Our prime piece of evidence to support the hypothesis is the amazing Alpine girls of the Bangkok Motor Show. A video that manages to combine some of the sexiest Motor Show models with a dancing style that makes you cringe deep down, just a little. This we suspect is the cause of the booth babe ban in Shanghai.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the must watch Alpine Booth Babes shaking their thing; its sexy, its more than a little odd and it will definitely put a smile on your dial. Sit back relax and hit the big red play button to get the show on the road.

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