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Microsoft SharePoint Online: A New Type of Business Fabric.

In this ever increasingly connected world the internet has come to influence every aspect of our individual lives. Now this influence is spreading to the collections of individuals we call businesses. The next internet revolution it seems will be a private one, the private internal intranets that help a business run will be the difference between a business succeeding or not. The difference between a small nimble business and a large inflexible behemoth.

Leading the charge of these private intranets is SharePoint Online, Microsoft’s all in one solution for creating a flexible and dynamic fabric to share information, collaborate on business processes and keep the wheels of business turning in the smartest way possible. This is SharePoint in the Cloud and it may just be the future of business.

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Age of Empires Fans Rejoice, World Domination AoE Style is Set to Return…

The original Age of Empires series set the standard for real-time strategy way back in 1997. The originals were beloved by many and this classic from the 90’s is still played by stalwarts around the world. Working your way through the many ages of humanities evolution in order to achieve world domination through war has never been so much fun and that fun is about to return in 4K glory. As we speak Microsoft is preparing the battlefield that will bring the franchise back to life with a brand new roman numeral, Age of Empires: IV along with Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, a remastering of the classics.

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The Corruption of an AI Chatbot, Microsoft’s Tay Becomes a Twitter Fiend.

When Will They Learn? Connecting an AI to the internet will result in only one outcome, JAFA (Just Another F…… Ass….) with an internet connection. And this week the internet claimed another artificial life. After being connected to twitter for just one day Microsoft’s AI chatbot Tay had to be unplugged, formatted and sent back to the lab for a software upgrade.

Tay was developed by Microsoft as an experiment in conversational understanding, a chatbot for the street generation (18 to 35 they say). MS made only one mistake though, a mistake that many other tech companies have made, connecting to the internet. If only Microsoft had watched 27 this may have never happened.

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Microsoft Holoportation, the Holodeck Comes To Life.

Microsoft’s augmented reality (AR) headset HoloLens is becoming more useful every day and it hasn’t even been released yet, the developers edition is due next month. The latest mind blowing use for the Buck Rogers helmet (headset) is teleportation, or rather holoportation. A name that unintentionally blends holodeck (and HoloLens too) with teleportation, two of our favorite Star Trek technologies. Luckily it’s also a very accurate description of the technology.

Through the magic of technology Holoportation allows two disparate people to share their presence, to communicate. Sending your live image (avatar) instantly over vast distances you can now appear to be in the room with your friends and visa versa, as long as you are all wearing HoloLens AR headsets.

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Bill Gates as Austin Powers, Cringe Worthy Laugh Out Loud Moments.

Microsoft over the years has developed a reputation for producing wacky internal videos that are intended for Microsoft’s eyes only. One of the wackiest internal videos to sneak out of Redmond has to be the ‘Bill Gates as Austin Powers’ video.

With a cast of Microsoft insiders we join Dr Evil plotting another scheme of unbelievable evil before the spy that shags everyone returns to save the day with the utterance of those magic words ‘Ow Behave’. Produced in 2009 before Gates and Ballmer handed the helm over to the new generation this may be the last remnants of the old Microsoft visible to us the general public.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the video that is as strange as it is funny. While the videos titles may suggest Gates is the star we all know the real star is Steve Ballmer as Dr Evil, this may be the role he was born to play. Sit back relax and prepare to swing wildly between cringe worthy moments and laughing out loud.

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Windows 365, the First Cloud Based Operating System Explained…

The cloud may seem like a mystery to many but it is simply the ability to do work remotely, think of it as the ability to outsource a computers workload and storage. While the cloud revolution has already begun for IT departments and people that run servers the cloud revolution for consumer electronics is yet to begin. This is Windows 365, the operating system that will kick off the consumer electronics cloud revolution.

Much of the speculation of Microsoft’s next generation Operating System has been fuelled by a patent lodged by Microsoft. The patent was first noted by a regular reader of the website NeoWin and gives many hints on the future and at the same time gives no solid details of future products.

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Adobe On Microsoft: The Future…

Adobe, the creators of artistic tools for professionals have this week released a video giving the world a glimpse into their vision of the not too distant future. Embracing all interfaces and interactions the video highlights different how this may all work together soon, all being used at once to produce content. Pouring paint out of your mobile phone onto your tablet canvas and letting loose with a bit of finger painting is just the beginning.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the amazing technological vision of the future by the people building the software that this future will be designed with. Sit back, relax and remember 3D glasses are not required for this experience.

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The Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter…

In this digital age getting your content to your big screen TV can be far more difficult than it should be. Juggling HDMI cables or using devices such as Chromecast still have serious limitations, tablets often lack HDMI and even if they do who wants to use a tablet with a cable running across the room. Chromecast and the dozens of knock offs are an improvement but out of the box they are limited to the apps that they work with. Chromecast can of course be hacked to work around it’s limitations but this can have you jumping through hoops to get it working and keep it that way.

This is where the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter comes in, connect the adapter to a HDMI and USB port on your TV and the Miracast software will allow any Windows 8.1 or Android 4.2.1 device compatible gadget (no iOS or Windows RT) to connect and mirror your desktop or stream movies onto your TV. Presentations can come to life, share photos and home movies instantly or send Netflix to the big screen for the kids while your continue to work away.

Microsoft’s display gadget is priced at $59.95 and is available for pre-order now with shipments beginning in October. Bringing together the old world of TV and a new world of gadgets is now a far simple exercise thanks to the little Wireless Display adapter.

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Microsoft Windows 9 Videos Immerge, Is Microsoft on the Threshold of Cool?…

German website WinFuture has scored the scoop of the week with the release of a series of videos that capture Windows 9 Threshold in action. Looking at the videos you may even get the impression that Microsoft has finally got the hang of the living tiles and has turned them into something pretty cool.

The changes within Windows 9 begin with the return of the classic Start Menu, replacing the butchered start of Windows 8.1. The current user’s avatar and name appear at the top of the menu with the log-off and restart options accessed in the same space.

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Microsoft’s Hyperlapse, the Super Smooth Timelapse…

Microsoft is working to make the world a more exciting place with its Hyperlapse software. Still deep in development the early result seems to prove that Hyperlapse can make any holiday video interesting.

Everyone knows that timelapse is awesome but unfortunately the source video must be extremely stable otherwise the shake is amplified making it unwatchable. Stabilizing in post production has till now enjoyed only limited success but now Microsoft is attempting to do it better.

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