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Mechanical Techno, Unconventional Audio.

Often times the musical instruments we use to produce music are every bit as artistic as the music being made. But when an art piece is a musical instrument and produces its own musical performance is it like an artistic double dip? Take for example London based artist and musician Graham Dunning and his Mechanical Techno video, a video that sees his techno producing machine as both performer and instrument.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the quirky cool video that demonstrates a whole new way to make use of that old turntable and vinyl records. Sit back relax and let the beats roll on.

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Qwerkywriter, the Cool Retro Keyboard Flashback…

The latest stunningly cool idea to emerge from Kickstarter.com is a humble USB keyboard, the Qwerkywriter a keyboard with old world charm. With 1 day to go till funding and having already met their goal the future looks bright for this stylized typer.

The Qwerky is a beautiful blending of old and new, the vintage round key caps give the keyboard a vintage typewriter look while the latest mechanical switches provide a modern feel, the new. Hooking the digital typewriter up to computers and tablets will eventually be via Bluetooth but at the moment the first models are USB. The built in tablet stand and return bar round off the retro look.

Qwerkytoys hope to have the finished product available July 2015, with the keyboard costing $289. Check out the Kickstarter link below for more information.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the demonstration of an old timey keyboard that’s been wired for a modern world, a keyboard that is the height of design and function. Now all we need is a steam punk computer to go with the keyboard and the time machine is complete. Sit back, relax and enjoy this preview of a future trip down memory lane.

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