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The Legend of the Six Moob Sumo…

Please be warned this video contains images so disturbing that you may never forget them!

There was a legend in ancient Japan of a Sumo so powerful that he could not be contained by any mortal man, a sumo wrestler so powerful that he was considered a god. The source of this sumo wrestler’s power was his distinctive six pack of man boobs or moobs.

In modern times the return of this legendary six moob sumo has been associated with the return of the Japanese dragon to power, the return of the old ways. An association that may be coming to pass with the recent sighting of a new modern six moob sumo, is the prophecy coming to pass? Maybe, maybe not as unfortunately the latest incarnation of the six moob sumo doesn’t seem to have the irrepressible powers as his forbears, he may just be a man who needs to own his boobage.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the Sumo wrestler with the most, the sumo wrestler that takes moobs to a whole new level. Sit back, relax and prepare to be shocked into exercising by the legendary six moob sumo. You have been warned, pressing the play button may change you forever.

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