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Far Cry 3 Insane Edition, Where’s Our Bobble Headed Vaas Wahine?…

With possibly the funniest promo video of any game this year Far Cry 3 The Insane Edition is making crazy waves on the game scene. Ubisoft is hoping we will all invest in their new outlandish characters, they may be onto something.

Far Cry 3 itself is due for release September 4, the Insane Edition announced this week is the first expansion pack to be announced for the yet to be released game. For the uninitiated Far Cry is a an open world first person shooter with a twist. Combining exceptional action sequences with light comic relief Far Cry has become an all time classic action game.

Far Cry 3 has seen Ubisoft emphasis the storyline and characters of the new game, spawning one of the funniest promo videos in the process, The Insane Edition promo video. The pack itself will contain extra gameplay, new weapons and the greatest special addition accessory in history, the bobble head guy from the video.

As part of the build up to the September release a new video is attempting to keep the buzz going. The original press conference video has been seen 3.5 million times since it’s release, mid-2011, now it’s time for the pre-release trailer. Two video’s have been included for your viewing pleasure, the hilarious Insane Edition video along with the standard edition trailer with a rocking dubstep soundtrack.

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