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LG Stretch Sideways with the Wider than Wide-Screen EA93, the 21:9 IPS Monitor.

LG has this week released the world’s first ultra widescreen 21:9 aspect ratio IPS LCD monitor. The stretchy new 29-inch display provides an abundance of desktop real-estate thanks to the 2560 x 1080 resolution. Minimizing window overlap, enhancing productivity and generally just making life at the keyboard better.

LG’s adoption of the cinema ratio has also turned the EA93 into a media playback powerhouse. Movies are able to completely fill the screen while the IPS panel technology provides rich colors from every viewing angle, no more black bars top and bottom. The dual integrated speakers kick out 7 watts a piece and provide a good starting point for media playback. An abundance of input options will keep the EA93 busy on playback duties. The latest HDMI inputs even allow mobile phones to act as media sources.

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LG Elevator of Scare…

LG, life is good until you climb aboard LG’s special elevator. Upon entering the lift all looks normal, nothing to see here, until you press the button. In that moment the riders mind expects the lift to start its journey, instead the floor of the elevator appears to fall away, leaving them at gravities mercy.

The floor was in fact still in place as it should be, the effect being generated by a series of IPS LCD panels embedded into the floor. An impressive prank that has all of the polish of a Hollywood blockbuster crammed into the confines of your average office elevator.

Included for your viewing pleasure is the LG elevator experiment, buckle up, get a grip and press the play button.

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