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Drop Bear or Crazy Koala?

As a youngster growing up in Australia we had our own uniquely Australian urban legends to deal with. Generally on your first trip into the bush, while walking under the gum trees your older siblings would tell you tales of the infamous Drop Bears. A rare species of tree hugging marsupial that’s carnivorous and has an appetite for brains. Of course it was a tale designed to incite a fear reaction followed by large amounts of laughter, but who knew it might actually be real?

Filmed recently in western Victoria by Ebony Churchill the drop bear appears to have Ebony in his sights. Chasing her even as she tries to speed away on her quadbike, at one stage even clambering on-board ready to go for the jugular.

Thankfully the tales of Drop Bears can remain a story for the campfire as the aggressive marsupial in this case is a Koala Bear, possibly with a bit of a hang-over. Koalas are typically very docile animals that love to hug a tree branch and nap all day, mostly caused by the eucalyptus leaves fermenting in their stomachs and getting them a little tipsy. Incredibly they don’t often fall out of trees in this drunken state.

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