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The Knife Wielding Tentacle.

Some inventions are born of a good idea that might just make life a little bit easier while other man made contraptions are simply the result of an idea that tickles the funny bone. The Knife Wielding Tentacle definitely falls into that later category and tickle the funny bone it does.

This Frankenstein contraption was constructed by YouTuber outaspaceman using nothing more than an Arduino board, a littleBits Protobit and some left over parts. With these simple parts outaspaceman has managed to create a contraption so evil that even sharks with lasers keep their distance. Now the only problem left is how to turn off the crazy contraption.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the most evil funny contraption to be invented this year. An invention so evil that the CIA are investigating hiring the tentacle as their new receptionist. Sit back relax and remember the tentacle knows all, let’s just hope the battery runs down soon.

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