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Hitler Switches to Lotus Notes.

The inventions of mankind in general are neither good nor evil but from time to time an invention appears that seems to smash this logic to pieces. While it may be hard to imagine a humble piece of email software fitting into this category merely the mention of this piece of software can send IT professionals scurrying in all directions. Lotus Notes is that software and its name should NEVER be said aloud.

In a related stroke of military genius the Russian Military has figured out the only way to slow down the march of ISIS, especially their social media empire, send in IBM and their weapon of mass frustration that is Lotus Notes. An application only just useable enough to be given away and evil enough to make you want to hand deliver messages.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the hilarious WWII incident that changed the outcome of the war forever. A little known fact that the introduction of Lotus Notes in WWII Germany was the turning point of the war. Sit back, relax and prepare to be amused by a little known piece of imaginary history.

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IBM’s Watson Supercomputer, the Greatest Profanity Machine in History…

IBM’s supercomputer brothers Deep Blue and its game show playing brother Watson are two of the most powerful supercomputers ever created. The culmination of 70 years of quickly evolving technology, these machines are some of the greatest examples of our creativity.

Eric Brown and his team at IBM are always looking to improve their supercomputer technology; this time round they had the bright idea of improving Watson’s language skills, adding internet slang. In an effort to make the machine more current vocabulary wise they added website The Urban Dictionary and Wikipedia to Watson’s database. Unfortunately Watson was a little too eager to absorb the internet, taking in the good and the bad habits that we all display. It turns out the bad may out-weigh the good.

The net result for IBM was the creation of the world’s greatest profanity machine in history. Any question could be asked of Watson with a guaranteed result of more profanity than an Irish pub full of Irish sailor’s fresh back from profanity training in Dublin. With exceptional flaming abilities on display Watson could bring a scientist to tears in record time, calling them a ‘hot mess’ while their findings were described as ‘bullshit’.

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The Intel Xeon Phi, the Golden Supercomputer Processor with High Performance Cool…

Intel has this week released the first production samples of its brand new supercomputer on a card, the Xeon Phi 5110P. Destined for the HPC (High Performance Computing) market the Phi cards will help Intel push into a market it has struggled with in the past.

HPC is the world of big computers, super computers so large they are given names by the people that build them, often quite catchy names such as ‘Sequioa’, ‘Stampede’ and who could forget ‘Big Blue’, IBM’s Jeopardy playing supercomputer.

The Phi release has been on the cards for a while now. After being announced in June they are now in the hands of a select few with the cards becoming available in early 2013. The Xeon Phi 5110P will cost $2699USD if you are contemplating building your own bedroom supercomputer.

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IBM Takes a RIM Shot, Corporate Take-Over Pirates Ahoy!!!

A hostile take-over may, from time to time, seem like corporate pirates sailing the high rise sea’s of business, raiding the towering headquarters of those unlucky enough to pass by. Thankfully not all corporate mergers take the form of a Monty Python hostile take-over, some just make sense.

Take for example the latest rumor, IBM has approached RIM with talk of acquisition. IBM is very interested in RIM’s Enterprise division which is responsible for the companies e-mail and messaging server software, along with the clients that use it of course. The key to RIMs success in Enterprise revolves around secrets staying that way. With advanced encryption algorithms integrated into the platform RIM has the only widely available and truly secure communications platform.

While RIM’s is a perfect fit for IBM, RIM’s market value is the major factor making RIM such an attractive target for take-over. The Enterprise Division is estimated to be worth between $1.5bn and $2.5bn while RIM’s entire market capitalization is only $4.17bn a mere 5% of its peak value in 2008. The tech bargain of the year.

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Phase Change Memory, The New Storage King…

The battle over the next storage technology is heating up. IBM scientists this week demonstrated a working practical version of their Multi-bit Phase Change Memory. PCM combines speed, endurance, non-volatility and density into a single chip. This is Flash memory part 2 and may be the first technology to threaten hard drives. 100 times faster than flash with read/write durability of 10 million cycles this is what Flash always wanted to be. PCM is the little prince who one day may become the king of storage.

IBM developed a 200,000 memory cell test chip to prove the technology. The chip was developed using older 90nm CMOS fabricating technology – Intel is just about to start using 22nm technology – , the cells consists of an alloy between two electrodes, top and bottom. When voltage is passed between the electrodes the alloy heats up and changes once it hits the right temperature. This change in structure affects its electrical resistance and this is used to represent 1’s and 0’s. The alloy itself belongs to a class of materials called chalcogenide compounds, materials that change their internal structure from crystalline to amphoras under certain circumstances. DVD-R disks use a similar material but they use light to read and write, changing the refractive index.

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