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The Ouya Update, A Console in the Making…

Ouya, the little open source console that could has been making news again of late. The establishment of a new console gaming system is every bit as much about making business connections as it is gaming hardware and Ouya is working through this process as we speak.

Recently the deals have started to roll with pen being put to paper. OnLive the remote gaming company and VEVO the music video platform have both signed deals that will see them installed as standard on the Ouya desktop.

Game announcements are beginning to be made; Final Fantasy III, Human Element and Shadowrun all joining the console for its release party in March 2013.

The Rubik’s Cube sized console is building up to be the most desirable addition to the living room in years. To be released in March 2013 it should have at least a 6 month lead on the latest next generation Xbox and PlayStation, with the current generation getting a little long in the tooth the Ouya will actually be the most powerful console on the market for a short time.

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