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The Hubble Pyramid on the Moon image…

The shadow stretches far to the left giving an incredible sense of dimension and shape to the Pyramid.  A stunning simple image that seems to portray an anomalous structure on the moon, a structure that logically just shouldn’t be there.

The image itself clearly portrays an unnaturally perfect pyramid casting a long shadow onto the Moons grey surface. The angles and lines of the pyramid are absolutely perfect, far too perfect to be an accident of nature.

Included for your viewing pleasure is the original video that started the ball rolling, copied and pasted to thousands of blogs and websites around the world. Hit the play button, watch the video and you decide, the real deal or internet hoax?

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Hubble Space Telescopes Birthday. Birthday Cake In Space….

April 22nd 2012, a non-descript day for many, but for one orbiting telescope, and her ground crew, this is a very special day, NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope will celebrate her 22nd birthday.

With 22 years of outstanding contribution to scientific knowledge along with some of the most amazing images of space, Hubble’s place in history has already been secured, what will she discover in the next 22 years?

While Hubble has watched the Cosmos we have watched her grow up from awkward glasses wearing kid to becoming the hardest working telescope in the world, James Brown style. 22 years in space technology is a lifetime. NASA has already begun construction of Hubble’s replacement, the James Webb Space Telescope, due to enter service in the next decade.

Included for your viewing pleasure are some of the most eye catching videos of Hubble’s handy work along with the most visually incredible images captured during Hubble’s first 22 years in service.

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NASA’s Hubble Trident UFO Video, Klingons Off The Starboard Bow.

While it may not be the newest video on YouTube, it is it’s first appearance on Highpants. Once again NASA have supplied evidence of something most unusual travelling through the vastness of space.

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope using it’s Wide Field Camera 3, has happened upon this sight most unusual. Captured by its lens is what appears to be a trident shaped craft trailing through streams of space dust. There appears to be a solid craft within, with an unusual but very angular shape. No matter what the object may  be it looks very science-fiction’y, straight out of an episode of Star Trek – Next Generation.

Study the video for yourself, asteroid debris or the coolest looking UFO seen in years.
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