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Mars Quakes, Mars Really Does Shake, Rattle and Roll…

Mars is often thought of as a cold dead rock floating in the silence of space. That is until now, scientific evidence collected by the latest satellites suggest that Mars has recently experienced geological activity.

It has long been known that Mars had been very active geologically in the past, with the solar system’s largest known volcano there was once major activity. That was the long lost past though, after an unknown calamity Mars was thought to have become a dormant planet.

Researcher Gerald Roberts from the University of London led the study which analyzed high resolution images of rocks surrounding the Cerberus Fossae fault line, looking for evidence of geological activity. The biggest surprise occurred when they actually found it. Mars it seems still has an active core with molten magma often bubbling to the surface, driving Mars quakes and volcanoes.

Raising not only the possibility of basic forms of life around these hot magma vents but also the extremely tantalizing idea of rejuvenating Mars. Bringing complex life back to the Martian surface or Terra-forming.

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