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Marble Racing on the Beach, a Highpants Pastime.

The use of gravity alone to propel shinny glass balls is an oddly satisfying pastime that is fully Highpants certified. Marbles are after all a kinetic machine that beautify displays both gravity and motion. Hardcore marble maniac and YouTuber Jelle Bakker of Jelle’s Marble Runs has captured the action and one on one marble action doesn’t get much more frantic than this. Hell, there’s more overtaking than a Formula One race.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the video that will take you back to the day when playing in the mud wasn’t only possible but also very likely. Time to dig the clinkers out of the closet and find a hill. Sit back relax and prepare for an epic race that even Da Vinci would be proud of.

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A Bear Rolling Down Hill.

As a crowd of onlookers laugh heartedly, with their tourist dollars hard at work a grizzly bear can be seen in the distance, barrel rolling down a hill? While barrel rolling downhill may not be the normal mode of transport for a grizzly on this day on this hill it was!

Located in Alaska’s beautiful Denali Nation Park it is often rare for tourists to spot a bear, only 350 call the park home, but recently one lucky group of tourists were audience to one hilarious bear demonstration. Some have accused the rolling bear of being a soused bear, but the truth is this is just a fun loving bear, just having some fun rolling and tumbling down the side of a mountain. A dizzy inducing roll that’s also a continuous back rub.  And at least he’s not chasing cheese, now that’s one strange pastime.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the hilarious rolling bear, will someone please get that bear a funny hat and a cane? Sit back relax and let the bear rolling begin.

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