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HOT NEW AMD 6990, Über Video Card…

AMD does foot long sub.

Do you always have to have the fastest, always want the best. Do you have a spare $700 floating around to spend on a video card? Well AMD has just released the AMD 6990 and it ticks ALL the boxes, it is the new king of video cards.

With 4 Gig of Ram shared between 2 video chips – graphics processing units – this is a serious beast of a video card. Hell I know of many desktop machines that don’t have that much memory in total. There are 5 video ports to drive 5 displays. More importantly this card will drive your ultra hi-def monitor – 2560 x 1600 resolution, actually this card could drive two of these ultra hi-res monitors.

If you have a desktop case or even a normalish sized case you can forget about this card. At just over 30cm long – 12inches – this card needs lots of space in your case. Even with an Antec 183 – an extremely large case – a drive cage needs to be removed to accommodate the video card. Power also needs to be considered before buying a card like this. In overclock mode this card will use 450W, so an 800W power supply is going to be a necessity.

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