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Method-1: The South Korean Mech Warrior

The age of the Mech Warrior draws near. An age that will see human piloted giant robots doing battle, in the arena of course. South Korea is the latest country to throw its hat into the Mech Warrior ring. Developed by South Korea robotics manufacturer Korea Future Technology the Method-1 is a futurist dream come true. The future before your eyes.

America and Japan are already locked in a death stare ready for their giant robots to test each other’s metal, once enough money can be kickstarted. It turns out that shipping costs alone are a killer when dealing with giant robots. The battle has been postponed once but with a third opponent things only get more interesting.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the latest giant robot to emerge from a laboratory. The Method-1 with its nimble frame and dexterous limbs taking its first steps. Sit back relax and prepare to do battle from a mobile couch suit, hell add a fridge and I’ll call it home.

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