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Fujitsu’s LOOX F-07C, Über Pocket Computer…

Gadget lovers the world over have this week had a collective oww ahhh moment. The masters of miniaturization at Fujitsu this week released the Uber pocket computer the Fujitsu LOOX F-07C, setting new standards in geek sexy, the super model of Windows computers. Weighing in at just 218 grams, – along with dimensions of 125x61x19.8mm – this is the worlds smallest fully function Windows pocket computer.
The LOOX is a triple personality Über gadget, Windows 7 Pocket Computer, Symbian Smart Phone and using the docking station Desktop Windows PC with full sized keyboard and screen. While Netbooks reminded us of what portability should be, the LOOX makes netbooks look like giants. The fact that Fujitsu have managed to shoe horn a fully-fledged smart phone into the package as well is just a incredible bonus.