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Senseg! Touch Screen Feed-back for your Fingers…

Touch screens, the input device of the 21st century are due for a major upgrade. While they may be convenient they have always lacked any type of direct feedback, forcing us to live with passive feed back, the incessant beeping of the touch screen keyboard. Finnish company Senseg have recently announced a revolutionary technology that provides feed back directly to your fingers as you swipe the touch screen. Dubbed feel screen technology Senseg is able to simulate various physical textures, edges, contours and vibrations, putting the touch back into typing.

“By passing an ultra-low electrical current into the insulated electrode, Senseg’s Tixel, the proprietary charge driver can create a small attractive force to finger skin. By modulating this attractive force a variety of sensations can be generated, from textured surfaces and edges to vibrations and more” Dave Rice, Senseg

Senseg’s technology is the fist purely electrical high fidelity tactile effects engine. With no mechanical or moving parts involved the tactile feed-back is instant and silent, not something that is possible with the mechanical systems of the past. The magic behind Senseg’s technology is the Tixel, a patent pending technology that combines an ultra-thin durable coating with integrated electrodes and the controller circuits.

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Logitech Wireless Touchpad, The Finger Friendly Input Device…

The ultimate input device for a multimedia PC may just be a flat black 5″ square of plastic, the Logitech Wireless Touchpad for Windows 7. In one foul swoop – swipe ? – Logitech has shifted the PC world towards a finger friendly future. Smartphone and Tablets have changed the touch-screen interface forever, in the process showing the PC world how touch should be done in. The recent release of the Razor Switchblade LCD Touchscreen interface has helped the PC make up ground, a step forward. Now Logitech is bringing the gesture interface to the rest of the Windows 7 PC world. The Wireless Touchpad brings a fantastically familiar interface to the PC, if you’re a touchscreen fan or need to simplify controlling a desktop computer, especially Media-Centre PC’s, the Wireless Touchpad is an elegant solution to a dinosaur’s problem. Plug the incredibly small USB receiver into an empty USB port to drag any PC into the world of gesture and touch.
Touchpads may all look the same but it what’s on the inside that makes all the difference. The Logitech Touchpad is an excellent interpretation of what a touchpad should be. The spacious 5″ touch sensitive surface offers plenty of room even for the most flamboyant gesturers. Powered by a built in Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery, Logitech quotes the time between charges of 4months, plenty of time to point fingers. Jumping on the Logitech Unifying receiver bandwagon the Wireless Touchpad’s ultra compact USB dongle can control up to six Logitech devices, so a mouse or keyboard can easily piggy-back off the one USB dongle. The 2.4Ghz receiver has a quoted range of 25 meters so you aren’t tied to the TV or computer your trying to control, not forced to sit in front of the TV like a 3 year old.