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Illuminati 2015: Predictions and the Labors of Man.

Presented for your viewing pleasure today are videos designed to deal with the near future and to discuss the reality of the situation we find ourselves in. The following videos have been produced by Anonymous and AnarchyWorld, both of whom are fighting hard, along with many other good people, to provide a mirror to not only to shine a light on the truth but also to invert the perceptions that have been crafted for us.

The financial system collapse and the almost complete fallacy that money is real seems to be the common theme within most predictions, and for good reason, it is an important control mechanism and it is the proverbial rug being pulled from under our feet. Close behind financial turmoil is the outright attack on person freedoms through new terrorism based laws and the militarization of government departments such as police departments who are already more than willing to demonstrate the brutal use of force.

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