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Crazy Drunk People Fighting Jedi Magic Style.

The Jedi arts may be seen by many as a collection of fictional philosophies wrapped in CGI but from time to time Jedi battles are caught on tape. The most recent evidence to appear on the internet captures a pair of vodka assisted Jedi masters battling over the last drop in the house. With their full array of fighting abilities on show and the power of each move bristling in the atmosphere around them it is hard to question the power of these Jedi masters.

Presented for you viewing pleasure are two hilarious crazy drunk people demonstrating alcohol induced magical powers, Jedi with a twist of Gangnam style. Sit back relax and be prepared to roll around the floor, laughing.

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Thank You YouTube, Now I Know That Professional Slap Fighting is a Thing and its Epic…

YouTube is fast approaching its 10th birthday, 14th of February 2015, and in 10 short years it has revolutionized entertainment, putting the power to be a star in everyone’s hands. In 10 short years the new Tube has managed to capture a short film version of every aspect of our lives, from the everyday to the extraordinary. Things you wouldn’t believe were real unless you saw it for yourself on the Tube.

Slap fighting is one of those things that you may not believe is real, but real it is, and there is even a history going back many thousands of years. The original slap fighting occurs as part of a sport known as Kabbadi, the national sport of Bangladesh and also played in India’s south, on the beaches especially. Basically like a team version of tag you start with players split into two teams who take turns to tag out players on the other side. When only two players are left in the circle a slap fight can quickly erupt. It’s actually far funnier than it sounds.

Then there is the American version of slap fighting and as always it’s a sport that sprang from a drinking game. Organised groups of slap combatants line up to slap and be slapped. Recently one competition experienced the ultimate win / fail slap match, just depends which end of the slap you’re on.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are two versions of slap fighting from around world, brought to you by the modern marvel that is YouTube. Sit back, relax and please don’t try this at home, these are trained professional athletes.

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