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Hitler Switches to Lotus Notes.

The inventions of mankind in general are neither good nor evil but from time to time an invention appears that seems to smash this logic to pieces. While it may be hard to imagine a humble piece of email software fitting into this category merely the mention of this piece of software can send IT professionals scurrying in all directions. Lotus Notes is that software and its name should NEVER be said aloud.

In a related stroke of military genius the Russian Military has figured out the only way to slow down the march of ISIS, especially their social media empire, send in IBM and their weapon of mass frustration that is Lotus Notes. An application only just useable enough to be given away and evil enough to make you want to hand deliver messages.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the hilarious WWII incident that changed the outcome of the war forever. A little known fact that the introduction of Lotus Notes in WWII Germany was the turning point of the war. Sit back, relax and prepare to be amused by a little known piece of imaginary history.

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Captcha the Comedy.

Internet security is a modern fact of life but whoever invented Captcha codes must have been a highly talented sadist. YouTuber videogamedunkey couldn’t agree more as demonstrated by his hilarious video highlighting the human torture device that is Captcha codes.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the hilarious take on the security system designed to make our lives more secure, a system so deviously frustrating that it may just have been created by the devil himself. Sit back relax and remember you are not alone, these are some frustrating squiggles.

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