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Are Changes in our Solar System Being Covered Up? Inuit People and Others Warn of Drastic Earth Changes.

Since 2004 many astute armature astronomers have reported changes to the obit of the Earth and Moon around the Sun. In 2010 the Inuit population through ISUMA TV began to discuss the changes they are observing in their environment. The video published in 2010 ‘Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change’ discusses in great detail these changes, a must watch video for all interested in the Earth changes occurring.

Most surprising of all of these changes the Inuit people are reporting is the observation that the Sun and Moon have shifted position in the skies, the sun is rising and setting in a different place than it traditionally has. While this evidence may be called anecdotal by many I strongly believe the Inuit know exactly where the Sun should be rising and setting.

Many other people are also observing and trying to analyze these unexplained changes occurring within our solar system, some believe a tenth planet is exerting gravitation force while others believe that highly charged particles are making their way to the inner parts of our solar system. All the while the mainstream scientific community and media appear to have an unofficial black out on the subject. What are these changes and why are they being covered up?

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South Atlantic Anomaly, The Home of the Negatron…

Anti-matter, the ultimate outsider in a universe of matte. Using the anti-matter hunting satellite PAMELA – Payload for Antimatter Matter Exploration and Light-nuclei Astrophysics – scientist were able to locate a pool of anti-matter trapped within the Earth magnetic fields. Anti-matter is a mysterious type of matter, not made for this world, when it rarely does appear its only very briefly, usually leaving with a bang. While PAMELA has found a constantly replenishing source of anti-matter it’s too soon to start building the USS Enterprise just yet. The study of the fundamentals of our universe becomes a lot easier when you have actual examples to study.

Anti-matter and many other particles are created in the upper atmosphere by high energy cosmic radiation interacting with the upper atmosphere. The radiation tares the atoms in the upper atmosphere to pieces reducing them to smaller sub atomic particles, also referred to as daughter particles. The outcome of these reactions is very similar to what is being done at the Large Hadron Collider – LHC -, or any particle accelerator for that matter. The subject particle is accelerated to near the speed of light and slammed into a wall to see what its made of, a similar thing is happening in the upper atmosphere except the particles are standing still and the wall, in this case cosmic radiation, is slamming into the particles at near the speed of light. The anti-protons that the scientist where looking for are the results of these reactions of the nuclear kind. Most of the anti-protons created are annihilated instantly upon contact with matter but a few are contained within the magnet layers of the Earths magnet field.

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Mother Earth, The Sun is Not Your Father…

After much number crunching and analysis NASA boffins have announced the Sun is not our Father.

Data returned by NASA’s Genesis space craft and analyzed around the world suggests that Sun and Earth were formed separately. Like a giant paternity test scientists studied matter collected from the oldest part of the Sun and compared it to samples from the Earth. Sorry Sun you ARE NOT the Father, time for some more tests.

“We found that Earth, the moon, as well as Martian and other meteorites which are samples of asteroids, have a lower concentration of the O-16 than does the sun,” said Kevin McKeegan, “The implication is that we did not form out of the same solar nebula materials that created the sun — just how and why remains to be discovered.”

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