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SpaceX Falcon Heavy Drone Fly By…

Elon Musk’s rocket company SpaceX has released a spectacular video of their brand-new rocket the Falcon Heavy on the launch pad at the Kennedy Space Center. Scheduled for launch on the 31st of January 2018 this is the first time the Falcon Heavy has been fired up and should prove the technology has what it takes to take payloads all the way to Mars.

The most powerful launch vehicle since America went to the moon on the Saturn V Apollo rockets the Falcon Heavy first stage rockets produce over 5 million pounds of thrust and can carry 63,800 kilograms of payload into low earth orbit, or 16,800 kilograms to Mars. While the Space Shuttle did technically produce more thrust with the 3 liquid engines producing over 3.54 million pounds of thrust and the two solid boosters providing 5.6 million pounds of thrust the payload that it could lift into orbit was only 27,500 kilograms.

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Drone Powered Human Flight…

Casey Neistat, man about town and YouTube personality has returned once again to stun us with the world’s longest selfie. In all seriousness this time around he’s put together one hell of a drone, a stunning work of technological largess that screams adrenaline on a new scale.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is Casey Neistat’s latest personal transportation idea, an idea we can actually see taking off. With 16 large blades and more people chopping potential than a room full of running whipper snippers you know this one will be thrilling from the outset. Sit back relax and hang on tight as drone powered human flight becomes a thing, largely thanks to the inaugural flight of the Neistat Chopper.

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Landlord Tries Drone Headset, Hilarious.

Here at Highpants we like to think reaction videos still rule the roost when it comes to pure belly laughs per minute, well that and cat videos obviously. Take for example the video ‘Landlord Tries Drone Headset’, a video that demonstrates the more unlikely the combination of test subject and experiment the greater the reaction, and the funnier the video. The quality of the test subject aka the fall guy can also greatly effect the outcome. All of this mind you adds up to one funny reaction video, funnier than cats? You decide.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is a landlord who tries out a drone headset for the first time. A mind given flight and a body that tells him otherwise. Sit back relax and prepare to become one with the drone, or not.

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Drone Racing Dreams, an Interesting FPV Insight.

The New York Times has recently posted a fascinating little documentary that provides a sneak peek into the quickly expanding pass-time of FPV drone racing. A pass time that puts the pilots into Star Wars style speeder races, the view through the pilots VR Headset really does closely resemble the famous speeder races from the films.

The proliferation of personal drones and cheap off the shelf parts has seen this new style of racing quickly expand over the last few years. Started in unused buildings and parks around the world FPV racing has now grown to the point that tens of thousands of dollars are on the line at competitions.  Is FPV racing the killer application for this now ubiquitous technology?

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Apocalypse Drone, Syrian Aerial Footage.

New independent media channel Russian Insider and RussiaWorks.ru have teamed up to release intense drone footage of the latest country to be laid to waste by war. Filmed during a recent Syrian Army offensive on rebel held positions in the suburbs of Damascus the footage captures the overwhelming destruction in its rawest form, an apocalypse in motion.

The aerial footage was recorder during fierce clashes between the Russian backed Syrian Army and the American backed Islamic State soldiers. As buildings are pounded into dust, and dust is pounded into even finer dust it becomes no clearer why this is necessary.

If there is any question of whether and how an entire civilization can disappear here is the evidence happening before our very eyes.

Reference: RussiaWorks.ru
Reference: RussianInsider

Facebook Reveals Aquila the Internet Delivering Drone.

Spreading the World Wide Web to cover all four corners of our world is no small challenge. Internet penetration has reached 60% of the world’s population in the last 2 decades but the first 60% was the easy bit. Low population density, infrastructure costs and the fact that the world is a really big place will conspire to make the last 40% far tougher than the first 60%.

Facebook this week revealed technology to help bridge the internet gap, the Aquila drone which is now completed and ready for testing. The carbon fibre flying wing is in essence a communications platform that will bring the internet to the hard to get to corners of the world.

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The Armed QuadCopter.

In backyard workshops around the world many people are spending many fascinating hours tinkering with quad-copters of all shapes and sizes. YouTuber and QuadCopter enthusiast Hogwit has created a rather unique QuadCopter that has much of the internet up in arms. What makes this drone special and controversial is the addition of a hand gun and firing mechanism.

Presented for you viewing pleasure is the drone with a bad attitude, the QuadCopter with a 9mm answer to every question. Sit back relax and prepare to be fired at from above.

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QuadMovr, the Hyper-Speed Drone.

Humanity has learned through many years of building machines that there is now problem that can’t be solved with more mechanical power. YouTuber and extreme quadcopter enthusiast QuadMovr has taken this philosophy to heart and built one hell of a drone.

Not just fast this little drone is spectacularly fast, Formula 1 kind of fast, it just never seems to be going slow even during 90 degree turns (you will need to watch the videos in full screen just to keep the Movr in sight).

QuadMovr’s need for speed is fed by 22 volt electricity. The quadcopter is hand built using off the shelf parts and designed to work at the higher than normal voltage. The lightweight design and extra power should see QuadMovr’s drone  achieving well over 100kph flat out, some speculate a top speed of over 140kph might be possible with this hardware.

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The Hoverboard Distance World Record Smashed.

Representing the ultimate form of personal freedom hoverboards for now remain a dream but many people are working hard to keep the dream alive, Hendo included. Catalin Alexandru Duru is another such individual, having spent the past 12 months working on his own propeller driven hoverboard he has this week proven his tech works by riding it to a new distance record for Hoverboard flight.

With Guinness on hand Catalin took to the air flying 275 meters before setting down in the calm waters of Lake Ouareau in Quebec, Canada. A record that surpassed the previous by 225 meters. Very little is known of the technology used in Catalin’s interpretation of the Hoverboard, it appears to be 4 very powerful quadcopters, but for a first official flight it seemed to work well. This may be one situation where lots of smaller propellers really is better than a few large propellers.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the World Record flight of one impressive flying machine and its whacky pilot. Sit back relax and prepare to be amazed by the hoverboard that does more; slices dices mixes dispenses. But wait there’s more.

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Drone Nerf-Disk Dog Fights and Snow Racing…

As the world quickly finds it feet in the rarefied air just above our heads thanks to the wonder of remote control drones those on the leading edge are busily coming up with new and entertaining ways to put the little aircraft to use. The fun may have started with using drones as a platform for photography or a new way to take a selfie but there is so much more fun to be had.

Racing drones through snow covered parks or muddy forests ups the fun stakes especially when watching the first person perspective view, a view that imbues the vision with a very Return of the Jedi feel. This though is just the beginning, what if you added weapons to the drone, then every race could also be a dog fight.

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