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The Bot Adventures, Life with Cozmo…

ANKI are the creators of the smallest smart robots with big personalities and their latest creation Cozmo is taking the world by storm. This little bulldozer with personality is quickly making itself famous, starting as all internet stars do by building a YouTube following thanks to the channel ‘Life with Cozmo’ that features this little hero’s big adventures. Building a robot with personality is the holy grail for all tech companies working in the field of robotics and ANKI’s little Cozmo has it in spades.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the Bot Adventures of the little electric super hero, they may be cheesy and a little silly but they will make you want to buy a Cozmo of your very own. Sit back relax and prepare to be amused by the antics of a robot with electronic eye brows.

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Cozmo, the Pixar Character Come to Life.

Anki is a company at the leading edge of artificial intelligence who just happen to make toys, incredible toys. Cozmo is their latest creation and he’s a self-aware artificially intelligent robot, a tiny robotic bulldozer to be precise.

Equipped with a front facing camera Coz scans his surroundings, recognizing faces and interacts with the people he meets. His friendly LCD face is dominated by a pair of large charismatic eyes, eyes capable of portraying emotion. He even snores when he’s asleep on the charger.

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