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Stunning Cloud Camouflage UFO.

Making atmospheric waves on the internet this week is a most unusual UFO (besides the cube UFO, been a big week), that seems to be camouflaged as a cloud.

Captured flying in the skies above North Philadelphia what at first glance appears to be a smallish fluff of cloud staying relatively stationary quickly becomes far more interesting. Captured by Hector Garcia, who’s excited voice is also captured, the video continues un-spectacularly until Hector zooms in and the cloud can be seen to rotate unlike any natural cloud. Then it starts to move and things get really weird.

Debate is currently raging as to the nature of this unidentified flying object, an industrial sized bubble, natural but unusual cloud formation, the list goes on. The Paranoid Android in us screams out unnatural object but as always knowledge is completely democratic, you watch and make up your own mind.

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The Rochester Cloak, the Simple Brute Force Cloaking Device…

John Howell and his team at Rochester University have recently demonstrated a simplified cloaking system that uses 4 lenses to force light to travel around an object, the Rochester Cloak. When you look at an object through the eye piece the light has bounced around anything obstructing your view. Though the device may be low tech it does have advantages over other techniques, it is the only 3D continuous multi-directional cloak.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the impressive demonstration video that’s helping us to better understand light and how to hide from it. Sit back, relax and prepare to be perplexed for just a moment.

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The Invisibility Cloak Approaches: Nothing to See Here…

The dark art of cloaking may just have been perfected and tested before our very eyes without us even noticing, a good sign for the technology. The art of performing magic with photons has advanced incredibly quickly over recent years, shifting from illusion to incredible quantum technology.

Two competing approaches to cloaking are fighting to hide the visible from the world; Active and Quantum technologies are going to war, a war that we may not even be able to see.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the most incredible videos of things that may or may not actually be there. More precisely we have included 2 videos that demonstrate the amazing developments in the field, along with one video that appears to show the use of cloaking technology during the Iraq war. Sit back, relax and remember never to believe your own eyes.

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