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The Ambiguous Circle Illusion, and its Explanation…

When perception and reality depart brain fizz is generated. Perception being driven by what our mind expects to see is more of a calculation than it is an absolute, and it is often fooled by reality. Some say that reality used to be a friend of mine, but it really never was.

The Ambiguous Circle illusion demonstrates these flaws in our perception, the moment you notice the ability of an inanimate objects to portray two distinctly different images simultaneously your brains perception responds with ‘that does not compute!’, generating brain fizz.

Contestant for the 2016 Illusion of the Year Kokichi Sugihara has been experimenting with anomalous objects that change appearance in a mirror for the last couple of years and the results are spectacular.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the illusion and then its explanation, the owww and ahhh moments all on the one page. Sit back relax and prepare for the happy realization that you aren’t the only one who looks different in the mirror.

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