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Ghost Captured by Police Station CCTV

Officers at a police station in New Mexico believe they are dealing with more than just criminals. One cop at the post in Espanola believes he came in contact with a ghost on Saturday night – and has video evidence

Presented for your consideration are two videos that capture the strange figure walking through fences and strolling across a secure area. The first video is the original video doing the rounds while the second is the KOAT local news channel video that includes an interview with Karl Romero the officer on duty. Sit back, relax and remember to never believe your eyes, its always far worse than that.

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Unexplained Footage, Strange Things That Cross The Street…

With the prevalence of security camera’s and hand held video camera’s there are bound to be some unexplained and unusual things captured. The two clips included today could make you think that even Aliens need to cross the road from time to time.

When it comes to unusual video they have to be real or at least perceived to be real in order to have the required impact. Sometimes things are real but so unusual as to be perceived as impossible even though it may stare you in the face. Sometimes nature gets things a little confused with unexpected results. In the first vdieo we present nature at her stangest, shot in the streets of Marseilles, France the footage shows a creature so strange that it induces an instant reaction.

The second video takes place on a motorway in England, CCTV camera’s captured a most unusual looking creature running across the motorway in front of oncoming traffic. Obviously the creature is smart enough to dodge the traffic, waiting for a break in traffic it is another case of an unnatural looking creature caught on tape. The clip itself is very short and more than a little blurry with the speed and stride of the creature giving it a very unnatural appearance. We recommend watching the video in full screen mode and pause it when the creature is running through the light. It slender almost emaciated looking frame is obviously running on all four – limbs – but it has a much more upright posture than a big dog.

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