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Mechanical Problems Mega Mix…

The automobile is without a doubt one of the most influential inventions of the modern era. Enabling travel and transportation of goods it has mobilised the entire world but these complex machines need to be maintained otherwise mechanical problems may ensue.

The men and women that we entrust with maintaining our wheels are witness to these mechanical problems, and from time to time they are asked to fix problems so extreme that they are left shaking their heads and reaching for their phone to record the situation. Treat your car badly and it may just end up being part of the mechanical problem mega mix.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are some of the most extreme mechanical issues encountered by the mechanics entrusted with fixing our cars. Problems so extreme that they needed to be recorded for posterity. Sit back relax and prepare to be amazed by the worst mechanical problems captured during 2017.

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Keyless Unlawful Entry, Stealing Cars using a Key Relay Device…

Law enforcement officials around the world are constantly facing new challenges when it comes to unscrupulous individuals taking other people’s stuff. The latest challenge for police is the Key Relay Deice that can be used to steal your car by transmitting its fob signal to open and start the car with almost no effort.

Security experts have been aware of the Key Relay Devices since 2011 but in recent years their use has become more wide spread. As you will see from the video below thieves using a key relay device are able to simply stand within the transmission range of your key fob and using a relay transmitter send the signal to another relay device held near your car and hey presto your car is opened. This isn’t a security flaw but a natural by-product of cars using a proximity sensor to unlock the car, if you must press an open the doors button on your fob your car isn’t susceptible to this attack.

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High Strangeness: Anti-Gravity Event in China?

Warning, you are about to enter a world of High Strangeness. Hit the play button to unlock the door to a world very much like our own, just much stranger. Confusing our perceptions and consternating the laws of physics the causes of this high strangeness are still a complete mystery.

The video opens with traffic flowing through a non-descript intersection in China. Traffic is flowing and life seems to be moving just as expected, everything is nice and normal. Then in the blink of an eye the High Strangeness door is swung open for a couple of second’s and in that time gravity seems to take a break as the cars near the intersection seem to leap into the air.

Like the infamous magic bullet that killed Kennedy the magic wire theory is leading the list of popular explanations. A theory that supposes a very thin high tensile wire has somehow become entangled with the cars as they passed over. Some cars lifted from the front some from the rear while even a car travelling in the opposite direction is caught up in the action. Giving the wire theory more weight  is the fact that as the cars are flung into the air there are a number of strange objects ricocheting around, small objects that seem to also be involved somehow. While the wire is a popular theory there is only one flaw with it, no wire can be seen no matter how much you zoom in or slow down the video, and for the wire to effect so many cars in so many ways there must have been masses of cable coiled all over the road.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is a video so mysterious and confusing that it may just make your head hurt for a while. Was it as simple as a wire on the road or something far more mysterious? Will you believe your own eyes or is your mind put at peace with a simple yet unconvincing explanation? Sit back relax and prepare to question your own perceptions.

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Married Life and Cars, Where is that Whining Noise Coming From?

Married life may not always be bliss but at least it can be funny, a sense of humour I am often told is the secret to a happy marriage. Partnering with his wife for the ‘Where is my cars whiny noise coming from?’ skit YouTuber balisongman07 and his better half poke a little fun at the foibles of marriage, turning what might be one of his many grievances into an hilarious positive.

Presented for you viewing pleasure is the skit that brings couples back together faster than a tube of relationship superglue, a skit putting the happily back into married. Sit back relax and please don’t try this out home unless you have clearance Clarence.

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Unexplained Footage: Ghost Run Down by Car in Parking Lot.

Security camera footage has recently surfaced that appears to have captured a mysterious ghostly figure being run down by a car in a parking lot.

The driver reports that he and his passenger never saw the shadowy figure but they did hear and feel the impact, hence the reason he stopped to check for damage to his car. The car was fine and there was no body found under the car, apparently the ghost was fine.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is an unusual and still unexplained incident that appears to suggest that even ghosts should check both ways before crossing the street.

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AeroMobil 3, the Hybrid Flying Car Approaches…

After making headlines in October with their V2.5 hybrid flying car AeroMobil have demonstrated the latest version of their winged wonder, the AeroMobil 3. Premiered at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna AreoMobil’s third prototype is very close to the final product and is undergoing flight testing at the moment. AeroMobil hope the third model can achieve certification in the EU as both a car and light sports aircraft.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the video demonstration of the flying car that actually works and looks amazing in both modes, a no compromise flying car. Sit back relax and prepare to be transported into the skies by a car.

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Strati, the World’s First 3D Printed Car…

American automobile company Local Motors have this week stunned the world with the first 3D printed car. Taking just 40 hours to print and assemble the Strati is an all electric convertible that may just be sign that change is approaching.

Built during the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago the Strati consists of only 40 parts. This is greatly helped by the fact that the chassis and body are printed as one piece. There are of course still a few parts that need to be made the old fashioned way, batteries, motor and wheels for example are all conventional parts.

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Google’s Self Driving Cars Hit the City…

Having logged over 700,000 miles so far Google’s self driving cars have progressed in the last few years, learning and evolving with each new situation. Now these intelligent cars are mastering the art of city driving, navigating the roving maze that is city traffic. This is the final and hardest lesson of all.

The autonomous cars are currently in testing on the streets of Mountain View California, the busy tree lined streets that surround Google’s headquarters. There is still no official time frame for the release of the technology but it is within years of release not decades.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is an insight into the intelligence behind the self driving car. Now all we need to do is wait and soon we’ll be getting flipped off by machines too. Sit back, relax and let the car do all of the work for you.

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