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Atlas Does Robotic Back-flips…

Boston Dynamics have been beavering away feverishly in their labs to produce their very own Terminator replicant, and they have definitely made progress over the last year. Atlas is the designated title for this mechanised humanoid and in the last month they have taught this autonotom to do back-flips. Soon their terminator will be taking over the world with its impressive gymnastic skills.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is Atlas leaping, jumping and performing a back flip. Here at Highpants we just love his little ‘arms in the air’ celebratory gesture. Sit back relax and prepare to be amazed, and a little creeped out, by the future of robotics.

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Stop the Robot Abuse, Leave Atlas Alone He Just Loves His Box.

Boston Dynamics may one day change their name to SkyNet but for now they are happy to kill time by abusing robots. Being a robot bully is specialised set of skills, skills that Boston Dynamics have been fine tuning on every generation of robot they have developed. Whether its kicking their robot dog or teasing Atlas about his box obsession Boston Dynamics will do what it takes to make the perfect artificially intelligent and highly insecure robot.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are some of the funniest parodies of being a robot bully, an obsession that seems to have over taken the Boston Dynamics test engineers. Are Boston Dynamics conspiring to generate a robot revolution or are they just very enthusiastic about how they test their technology? Will robots in Soviet Russia begin testing people soon?

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The Creepiest Christmas Message Prize Goes To Boston Dynamics.

Boston Dynamics have put their incredible robot making skills to hard work creating a very scary Christmas message, a message that’s creeper than a car load of scary clowns. With three of their robot dog’s Spot playing the part of Santa’s Reindeer Boston may have been trying to give us a Christmas greeting from the future but they may have actually delivered a future Christmas warning of Charles Dickens proportions (Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come).

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the Boston Dynamics holiday message from the future, a future that sees Rudolf being a headless and therefore noseless robot Reindeer. Maybe it’s the fact I played Rudolf when I was a kid or maybe it’s just the fact that Santa says Happy Holidays and not Merry Christmas but I definitely get a creepy feeling when watching this one.

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