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Microsoft Holoportation, the Holodeck Comes To Life.

Microsoft’s augmented reality (AR) headset HoloLens is becoming more useful every day and it hasn’t even been released yet, the developers edition is due next month. The latest mind blowing use for the Buck Rogers helmet (headset) is teleportation, or rather holoportation. A name that unintentionally blends holodeck (and HoloLens too) with teleportation, two of our favorite Star Trek technologies. Luckily it’s also a very accurate description of the technology.

Through the magic of technology Holoportation allows two disparate people to share their presence, to communicate. Sending your live image (avatar) instantly over vast distances you can now appear to be in the room with your friends and visa versa, as long as you are all wearing HoloLens AR headsets.

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Animation Comes to Life, Aug(de)mented Reality Thus Far.

The Simpsons once joked that it would be very hard to record animated shows live, the Poochy episode, Aug(de)mented Reality may challenge that theory. With nothing more than an iPhone, clear animation transparency cells and a handful of Sharpies Marty Cooper aka Hombre McSteezcan can produce his unique animations in no time at all. Often described as analogue augmented reality McSteez’s quick cartoons are sort of time-lapse, sort of stop-frame but they use no CGI.

Once McSteez has decided on a location he sets to work sketching out his character’s animation on clear transparency film. When ready he rips out his iPhone and stop motion app to capture each cell held up against the background, giving a time-lapse feel to the completed videos. After each frame is captured McSteez stitches it all together at home producing the quirky animations.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the Aud(de)mented Reality series thus far. Four short amusements that will get your Saturday of too a smiling start. Sit back relax and prepare to be amused by one man’s imaginary friends.

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Aug(de)Mented Reality, a quick glimpse into the mind of McSanchez…

Hombre McSanchez provides a glimpse into his stop frame world with his latest video Aug(de)Mented Reality. Putting his low tech augmented reality technology to work, technology that McSanchez finetuned over many years of development, he is able to add a captivating little twist to everyday scenes.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the funniest animation to use only plastic and pens to bring funny characters to life. Sit back, relax and enjoy your journey into a world very similar to our own, a world with only a few intriguing differences.

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Sony’s Augmented Reality Experiments, the Future of Interaction…

Virtual and Augmented Reality systems may just be the future of gaming but for now they remain experiments, often taking place in a labs.

Sony’s PlayStation Lab has this week released two video’s demonstrating augmented reality using the PlayStation Move. Sony’s Smart AR system is able to track objects and generate graphics that uses this positional information. Making objects appear to be there when they are not, able to augment the real world.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the latest augmented reality tricks to make it out of the labs. Demonstrating how we may be interacting with digital content in the not too distant future, we hope. Set back, relax and let the realization sink in, augmented reality is just like reality only better.

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AppBlaster Universal, The Ultimate Alien Blasting Augmented Reality Toy…

It’s alien blasting time once more. AppToyz have released an update to their ingenious augmented reality toy, introducing the AppBlaster Universal. For those times when aliens are climbing the walls and popping out from behind curtains we have our trusty AppBlaster by our side.

The original AppBlaster was an Apple only accessory, the new Universal AppBlaster will accept command of both Apple and Android devices for our Alien chasing enjoyments.

With all gameplay taking place on your smartphone the AppBlaster is a purely a mechanical device, the triggers are connected to two tappers that tap the screen with specially conductive pads.

The key to the AppBlaster system is the AppBlaster games which are installed on the phone prior to play. With all of the phones hi-tech sensors available to the each of the AppBlaster games a fully interactive augmented reality experience is generated. In the AlienBlaster games case the phones camera is used capture the surrounding environment which is used as the backdrop for the game. Aliens are superimposed over the captured backdrop, making the smartphone your window to the true alien hordes around us all. The phones gyros used to keep the illusion alive, keeping the aliens, backdrop and everything in-between synchronized.

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Google Project Glass, Augmented Reality Goggles For Your Peepers…

Project Glass, a stylish flavour of augmented reality announced by Google earlier this week. With a Google+ page pronouncing the new project Google may have assumed the technology crowds around the world would applaud their new Uber Gadget.

Sadly Googles latest announcement was met by disbelief, scorn and mocking. Light on technical details while being extremely sleek and futuristic visually Project Glass was initially accused of being a pure demonstration device.

Project Glass as it turns our is a real product, a pair of glasses to be precise that can display information, either specifically requested or relating to the immediate surroundings, augmented reality. At the moment the glasses appear to display information on a small independent display but the ultimate goal is to project onto the inside of the glass, with general messages in their own space and other information overlaid onto the background, giving the full augmented reality effect.

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AppBlaster, Alien Blasting iPhone Fun…

When aliens invade your living room there is only one weapon to reach for, your trusty AppBlaster. The AppBlaster rifle – AppGun – may appear to be a simple plastic imitation laser rifle, to the untrained eye. Don’t be fooled though it is your best friend when Aliens start popping out from behind your TV or crawling down your walls.

With your iPhone mounted on the AppGun, Alien Attack game installed and running its time to start dispatching the invading alien horde. Watching your iPhones screen Alien Attack will reveal the Aliens not visible to the naked eye. Using the two triggers you are tasked with clearing the room.

Part of a new generation of video game AppBlaster is one of the first augmented reality video games. Augmented Reality melds real world footage from your phones camera with computer generated graphics, in this case Aliens just asking for a butt kicking. Alien Attack isn’t location specific either, no matter where you are it will reveal the hidden alien invasion.

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