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Sony’s New Audio Sphere: The Omni-Direction Sound Ball Providing Audio Everywhere…

Being a little different is often the key to success, especially if your trying to introduce a product to a crowded market. Sony certainly has managed to produce something a little different with their new Omni-directional speakers, audio spheres. Using a single speaker Sony’s newly developed Circle Sound system is able to provide crisp and clear audio to every corner of a room.
The long history of portable music has to take us back to the ghetto blasters of the 80’s. Large silver tape based portable stereo’s that were big on the noise and not so big on the portable. With large integrated speakers and dozens of D cell batteries these bad boys could pump music out to the whole block. Sony’s modern interpretation of the ghetto blaster is a ball, a ball of sound if you will. Sony have not only created a uniquely spherical design for their new wireless dock / speakers, they have also developed a new technology, Sony Circle Sound audio diffusion technology. Able to fill any room Sony Circle Sound audio diffusion technology delivers 360 sound from a single, compact enclosure providing rich sound to every corner of the room, no matter where you place the Sphere, omnidirectional audio.