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Max Headroom Gets Older and Funnier…

Seminal 80’s TV series Max Headroom was a ground breaking science fiction show that is steadfastly embedded in many people’s memories, those old enough to remember it in any case. The series featured Matt Frewer portraying Edison Carter, a reporter struggling to fight against the mega corporations of a not too distant dystopian future. Some may even say that it wasn’t that far off the mark as it turns out. After putting up the good fight against his corporate masters Frewer’s character is left near death thanks to a car accident, at this point men in white lab coats decide to let him live on as an AI, Max Headroom. A name attributed to his final memory as a man, a Maximum Headroom 2.6 meters sign.

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Cozmo, the Pixar Character Come to Life.

Anki is a company at the leading edge of artificial intelligence who just happen to make toys, incredible toys. Cozmo is their latest creation and he’s a self-aware artificially intelligent robot, a tiny robotic bulldozer to be precise.

Equipped with a front facing camera Coz scans his surroundings, recognizing faces and interacts with the people he meets. His friendly LCD face is dominated by a pair of large charismatic eyes, eyes capable of portraying emotion. He even snores when he’s asleep on the charger.

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The Corruption of an AI Chatbot, Microsoft’s Tay Becomes a Twitter Fiend.

When Will They Learn? Connecting an AI to the internet will result in only one outcome, JAFA (Just Another F…… Ass….) with an internet connection. And this week the internet claimed another artificial life. After being connected to twitter for just one day Microsoft’s AI chatbot Tay had to be unplugged, formatted and sent back to the lab for a software upgrade.

Tay was developed by Microsoft as an experiment in conversational understanding, a chatbot for the street generation (18 to 35 they say). MS made only one mistake though, a mistake that many other tech companies have made, connecting to the internet. If only Microsoft had watched 27 this may have never happened.

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Stop the Robot Abuse, Leave Atlas Alone He Just Loves His Box.

Boston Dynamics may one day change their name to SkyNet but for now they are happy to kill time by abusing robots. Being a robot bully is specialised set of skills, skills that Boston Dynamics have been fine tuning on every generation of robot they have developed. Whether its kicking their robot dog or teasing Atlas about his box obsession Boston Dynamics will do what it takes to make the perfect artificially intelligent and highly insecure robot.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are some of the funniest parodies of being a robot bully, an obsession that seems to have over taken the Boston Dynamics test engineers. Are Boston Dynamics conspiring to generate a robot revolution or are they just very enthusiastic about how they test their technology? Will robots in Soviet Russia begin testing people soon?

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JADE Helm 15, Beta Testing Battlefield AI?

The most controversial military exercise to take place on US soil has kicked off this week and the controversy is already well underway. Initially announced in March JADE Helm 15  from the outset generated much publicity and consternation amongst Americans, especially Texans.

According to the publicly available information 1,200 troops will be involved, Special Forces troops Green Berets, Navy Seals and Air Force Special Ops troops. For the purpose of the exercise Texas, Utah and a southern portion of California have been designated as enemy territory. The actual objectives (eg capture the flag, eliminate the enemy) have been kept a tightly held secret.

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The Next Generation Electric Pet. I-SODOG from Tomy, I-SO Cute…

Takara Tomy, makers of all things remote controlled, toys that not only children dream of, have previewed the next generation robotic pet. Unveiled at the Tokyo International Toy Show the Omnibot I-SODOG is a mini high-tech bundle of cute.

The second robot from Tomy, a follow up to their bi-pedal i-SOBOT, I-SODOG the Tomy dog can dance to music, shake hands, learn new commands and even chase the cat while being remote controlled.

Set for release in time for Christmas Tomy’s I-SODOG is the next generation of electronic pet. Far more than a remote control dog, with his own evolving personality and artificial intelligence he is as smart as he is cute.

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