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Illuminati 2015: Predictions and the Labors of Man.

Presented for your viewing pleasure today are videos designed to deal with the near future and to discuss the reality of the situation we find ourselves in. The following videos have been produced by Anonymous and AnarchyWorld, both of whom are fighting hard, along with many other good people, to provide a mirror to not only to shine a light on the truth but also to invert the perceptions that have been crafted for us.

The financial system collapse and the almost complete fallacy that money is real seems to be the common theme within most predictions, and for good reason, it is an important control mechanism and it is the proverbial rug being pulled from under our feet. Close behind financial turmoil is the outright attack on person freedoms through new terrorism based laws and the militarization of government departments such as police departments who are already more than willing to demonstrate the brutal use of force.

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Anonymous: How to Trick the Trapwire Surveillance System…

In America the TrapWire surveillance system has been tasked with pre-attack surveillance, looking for the signs of terrorism before it happens. It is feared by many that this same system could be the beginning of an Orwellian nightmare.

The clever collection of hactivists Anonymous have this week released some rather cunning strategies for avoiding TrapWire, becoming invisible to the system. Many countries around the world have systems equivalent to TrapWire, the Anonymous tips should apply equally to those as well.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are a collection of tricks and tips that may just save you from the machine, if that’s a concern you have for some reason. Sit back, relax and remember that sometimes being anonymous can be a very handy thing.

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Anonymous TV. Anonymous, The NWO and The Olympics Prophecy.

They have arrested them, they have interrogated them and they have said they have turned against one another, but still the messages continue to flow. Like the Rasputin of the online world they just won’t be silenced. The elusive international movement, “Anonymous,” a leaderless collective of computer hackers have recently been featured on CNN. An interesting insight into a new phenomenon, the internet collective.

Interpol announced that it had arrested 25 members of anonymous on 27th of February, Anonymous Brazil had a great reply to the arrests “Interpol you can’t take down Anonymous, it is an idea.” There is no doubt that the Interpol arrests stung the collective at the same time it may have set precedent for retirement from Anonymous, this is the only way out of the collective?

Included for you viewing pleasure are the CNN Anonymous feature along with video’s outlining two of the major operations Anonymous have prepared for 2012. Black March is under-way with people boycotting media purchases while Operation V, the declaration of war against the US government is having unforeseen results. The final video is a must see parody of the Anonymous brand, The Offensive Parody will scratch that funny bone for you.

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